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15 Jun

Having only just managed to battle my way through an ash cloud of icing sugar, my first post may be as chaotic as my kitchen is right now but I’m sure it will improve! I’m Sarah, supposedly a law student, but secretly a baking fiend and I need an outlet for it. I feel my flatmates’ cholesterol levels are now admitting defeat and it’s time I asked other people for opinions and advice!

I started baking as a child and it’s grown from there. I can’t say I’m a huge fan of recipes. I love reading them and getting inspiration but always find myself using them as a general guide rather than a set of rigid instructions. I’m more of a ‘dash of this and a sprinkle of that’ kind of girl and like to experiment when I bake. I’m going to try however, to give recipes for my posts on here and then if anyone likes they can follow/amend and improve them when they try them out!

If you could leave a comment on my posts with suggestions and ideas or point me in the way of your own blog, that would be great! For now my skills are rather amateur, but hopefully I’ll see them improve in the coming months and you can see the fruits, or rather the cakes, of my labour right here.

Raspberry sponge with jam and buttercream




Happy baking