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Midnight Baking

17 Jun

Having finally made it home around 10pm after what has been a somewhat eclectic day, rather than getting my very tired self into bed, I baked. It’s not exactly conventional but I love baking at night. It’s quiet, calm and I have the kitchen to myself.

From an awe-inducing speech by Martin Bell (war correspondant extrodanaire) to house viewings, bargain hunting and trekking what seems to be the whole breadth of London to see friends, there was certainly a lot going on. This theme extended itself to tonight’s cake.

Wait for it…

A chocolate, coffee, raspberry and blueberry cake.


Sounds dubious, I know. I started off aiming for a simple choclate-coffee cake but it lacked sweetness and a depth of flavour. In my attempts to rectify this I ended up adding a  very rich chocolate and espresso butter cream (bordering on ganache in texture); an improvised jam made of crushed raspberries and icing sugar (heaven!); and a decorative  scattering of blueberries and raspberry seeds.



I prepared myself for taste overload. The coffee however, was far mellower than expected and only added a very subtle undertone to the chocolate which hadn’t left the sponge dense, but actually rather light. By crushing the fresh raspberries with icing sugar, I made a fresher, less synthetic version of jam which I spread on the base layer whilst still warm. I then added the buttercream to the top layer and sandwiched the two together. A little of the juice from the raspberries was absorbed into the bottom layer of the cake, lending a hint of cloying richness to the cake. I then topped the cake with more of the buttercream, a jewel-like sprinkling of raspberry seeds and a few blueberries.

The result was a cake with a dense, berry-infused chocolate base with a sweet ganache-like middle and a lighter yet very moist top layer. The hint of coffee may not be to everyone’s taste but I think it saves the cake from being too sweet. The crushed raspberries have the appearance of pommegranate seeds and turn the cake into something special.

Comments and suggestions please!

Sarah x